Management & Leadership

MGI Strategic Solutions is a unique firm in the field of IT strategy and management. All of our consultants have long and successful careers in IT and consulting and are fully devoted to addressing our clients’ top-level strategy challenges. We do not focus on rapid revenue growth, increasing staff headcount, structuring assignments to use and train junior people with little experience, or manipulating projects to take advantage of a high-leverage compensation scheme. We do not follow the “leverage” model of consulting, where top people are involved primarily in selling the engagement and delivering the final presentation, leaving the real work to high-profit junior staff with little experience or real-world strategic sensibility. On our projects, the people doing the actual work are the senior level people with the experience and judgment required to deliver sound strategic advice, and the ability to communicate with senior management at the client. Of course we do have some lower-level staff for project management, clerical, administrative and more routine tasks, but they are not billed to projects.

MGI Strategic Solutions Chairman C. Lawrence Meador has served on the academic staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he held various teaching and research appointments for over twenty five years while consulting with numerous public and private organizations in that time frame. He specializes in the challenges of developing and aligning technology strategy and organizational strategy as well as the use of advanced information technologies and sensors to improve organizational productivity, agility, and cycle-time. Over the last two decades, much of his work has focused on transforming problematic multi-billion dollar organizations into effective, economically sound, strategically focused entities that have used technology to seize competitive advantage and transform their operations. He has authored numerous publications, on these topics.