Clients: Private Sector and Government

MGI Strategic Solutions focuses on a narrow set of related areas of expertise which include organizational strategy and information technology strategy alignment; end-user needs assessment and problem diagnosis for senior leaders, knowledge workers and policy makers; large-scale technology development; knowledge-based systems; software productivity and quality improvement; and information systems planning.

Current and previous client experience with MGI professionals has included CIGNA, Abbott Laboratories, Transamerica, Pfizer, American Express, Motorola, Quaker Oats, Aetna, Itek, Johnson Controls, TRW, Nationwide Insurance, IBM, MCI, MITRE Corporation, AEROSPACE Corporation, RAND Corporation, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and various U.S. Government organizations in the National Security arena. Application areas have included organizational process transformation, communications, financial forecasting, strategic planning, sales support, market research, new product planning, marketing mix optimization, technology policy assessment, and R&D project management .

MGI Strategic Solutions has also led the development of decision support and executive support systems as well as knowledge-based software applications for use in several health care, pharmaceutical, financial services, manufacturing, high technology, and government organizations.

MGI Strategic Solutions brings many years of experience in consulting with agencies of both federal and state government, working at the highest levels with both appointed and career government leaders. We are familiar with federal laws and practices relating to IT strategy, governance, and management as well as with government “systems modernization” and transformation programs and what makes them especially challenging to achieve. We know the constraints and opportunities of government enterprises, which are different in many ways from the commercial world, and are comfortable working in that environment.

Over the past decade, MGI Strategic Solutions consultants have devoted a significant amount of effort to supporting the US National Security Community on a wide range of contracts, studies, commissions, boards, panels and other advisory arrangements. In general, however, we have been challenged by our clients in this domain to find and assess new and emerging technologies that can contribute to analysis, collection and the dissemination of key intelligence data and knowledge through advanced information architectures and methods.

MGI Strategic Solutions consultants have conducted major assignments with numerous federal organizations, including the National Security Community, Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Treasury, Commerce, Energy, Homeland Security, Labor, State, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, and Agriculture.